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About Attorney Arthur McDonough

Attorney Arthur McDonough

Arthur McDonough attended Villanova University and graduated with a degree in Business Administration.  He then attended New York Law School and passed the New York Bar Exam. 

After graduating from law school Arthur worked as a litigator in New York City for five years where he handled a wide range of cases at all stages of litigation. It was a great experience but after years of litigation, and a dramatic event in his personal life, Arthur felt that he needed a change.

Arthur reevaluated his priorities and values and decided he wanted to devote his career to helping families.  He then took the California Bar Exam and moved to Los Angeles where he worked creating wills and trusts in an accountants office.  Arthur really enjoyed helping families take care of their estates and decided to open his own law practice.

Currently, Arthur is living in North County San Diego and helping clients create the trusts they need to avoid unnecessary probate fees, reduce estate tax, and ensure that loved ones are protected in the event of their incapacity.

If you need a trust or will to get protection for your family, Arthur can help!

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